About Me

Hi, My Name Is Jenna!

I’m trying to find the balance between work and life!


(Coming Soon – 4 Month Calendar of Healthy Crock Pot Meals with Organized Grocery List FREEBIE)

My name is Jenna, I love reading dystopian future novels, playing on YouTube, blogging, and I am on a path to lose weight and become the best version of myself.

Here is a quick overview of what my mornings used to be like:

ALARM-snooze-ALARM-concerned husband-ALARM-Fine, I’ll get out of bed-shower-clothes-running late-can’t find my keys-rushing-I’ll have to eat school lunch today.

Does this sound familiar?

I want to find the balance between work and home. I’m an educator, and like other educators, I don’t make my health priority.  The best way that I can give as much to myself as I give to everyone else is to invest in my health. It is the best way I think that I can take care of myself. Now, I’m saying “I deserve my time, too.”

During the day, I am an Education Specialist from Lake County, and you can find my education incarnation at @mrsjennarodgers and or my EduBlog.


I have been so inspired by YouTubers such as VasseurBeauty, DoItOnADime, and TheUniverseGuru. I’ve learned how to clean my house and to keep my life organized with BulletJournaling.

This blog, created with the guidance of the StartAMomBlog.com course,  will keep track of my journey as I tackle healthy eating, learning to exercise, managing my home, and becoming the healthiest version of myself so that I can be the best mom I can be when the time comes.

Time to Get To Work

Now that I’ve laid down a solid foundation and it’s time for me to dig in deep. This will be a scary journey. These people have, no hyperbole, changed my life. It’s my hope to become better and I want to share my story with you. I hope it inspires you to find your bravery and chase your best self.


You can follow my social media for pictures of my progress and research that I find useful, in hopes that you will find it useful, too.


I created a YouTube Channel with weekly updates on my progress, cleaning and organization hacks, how I became a neat and tidy person, and everything in between. As I go through the steps of this journey, I’ll be sharing the results of my weekly weigh-ins and measurements, as well as challenges and failures.


Let’s lean on each other!!

Do you have things in your life that you’d like to examine?

I’d love to be a cheerleader for you, I’d love to learn from you. And, most of all, I hope that these words, and my journey, will inspire you to plan out and take your own journey.